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Realtor OKC Tips On Making Small Rooms Look Bigger

Realtor OKC: Helping You Love Your Space

Living in a smaller home does have advantages such as lower energy costs and less space to fill up, but just because you’ve decided to live in a smaller home doesn’t mean that it has to feel small. In fact, there are plenty of ways to make cozy rooms look bigger! Today, our realtor OKC team is here to share a few tips with you so that you can enhance any small room.

Our realtor OKC gathered up these 5 clever tricks to share with you:

  • Choose light paint colors for the walls. If you’re feeling like white isn’t your thing you can go bold and still make it rooms seem larger by matching the paint color to the flooring, moldings, drapes, or cabinets. This helps draw the eye towards the blended colors rather the size of the room.
  • Go for multi-functional furniture pieces such as ottomans with lids which can be put together for a coffee table, seating for guests, and can be used as storage space.
  • Adding mirrors is an old trick, but still a good one. The best place to put a mirror is across from a window to reflect light and make the room feel larger. Another good placement would be behind an end table or a chest to make it look like another space is behind it.
  • Keep decorating to a minimum for a more airy look. For example, don’t fill bookshelves all the way and if you have knickknacks consider color coordinating them (blue colors on one shelf, red on another, etc.). If you like area rugs go for small prints or plain colors to visually expand the space. If you like artwork, experts say that adding in one dramatic piece of artwork will add flare and trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger.
  • Choose to place several lights around the room to draw the eye to many spots rather than just one. Also, make sure the lighting is bright!

Our OKC realtor team hopes that these simple design tricks will help you make your small spaces feel a lot larger.

Our realtor OKC team wishes you the best of luck with your decorating and should you need our help to buy or sell real estate, we’re here to help.

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