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Realtor OKC Team Shares The Need For Functioning Gutters

Helpful Tips From Our Realtor OKC Team

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, it can make you feel uptight when the home inspector comes around to examine every inch of it. While real estate in OKC is our job, our realtor OKC team also loves helping customers and readers with helpful tips. That’s why we’re explaining the importance of gutters!

Ordinarily, people probably don’t think much about the need for functioning gutters, but with the rainy fall season upon us it’s a good idea to inspect those gutters. If you ignore broken gutters now, if you decided to list your home in the market with all the competition of other homes for sale it might get overlooked. Most likely, the task to repair the gutters would be listed in the home inspector’s TRR (Treatments, Repairs, and Replacements) report anyway.

Gutters are so important, because they keep the base of your home from becoming flooded. The water flowing away from your home also prevents mold from growing due to lingering water puddles. The standing water created by not having gutters could also bring on an infestation of insects. Furthermore, without gutters the home’s foundation could become cracked on account of the top soil eroding.

The damage caused by clogged, leaking, or broken gutters is more expensive than if you would have just maintained the gutters in the first place. Keeping up with a simple maintenance routine will keep your gutters working properly and avoid problems. Always keep in mind that your gutters should be cleaned at least twice per year (once in spring and once in late fall).

Now that you know why you should have them, we hope you’ll take our advice to keep your gutters looking their best.

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Weep Hole- Brick Wall- Realtor OKC

Realtor OKC Team Explains The Reason For Weep Holes In Brick

Realtor OKC Team Provides Answers About Brick Homes

With an increase in Oklahoma earthquakes happening it seems a lot more people are paying attention to the exterior of their homes. Many homeowners discover weep holes whole looking at the brick surface of their home. Sometimes, they don’t even know those holes are there unless they get pointed out to them. Today, our realtor OKC team is here to clear up any confusion regarding the need for weep holes.

Many people often mistake the weep hole as earthquake damage that may have occurred, but this is not the case.

Part of a realtor OKC team member’s job includes reading home inspection reports and that’s where information about the weep holes can come from. Here’s a little Q & A to help clear up any misconceptions.

What are weep holes?

Realtor OKC Answer:

They are not damage done to your home, as they were put there on purpose! The holes are actually just openings meant for drainage. These weep holes are there to allow water to escape downwards through the cavity created and out to the outside of the wall surface through the opening.

Why are the weep holes necessary? 

Realtor OKC Answer:

The pretty, fired or sun-dried clay bricks  are not waterproof. In fact, because brick is a very porous type of material it just soaks up the water. Without weep holes, water would just penetrate into the brick which can cause damage to the home.

There are companies out there that will try to sell vents to cover weep holes. This is, generally, for keeping out insects and keeping the weep hole from getting clogged. make sure if you opt for this that your wall is properly constructed so that the vent will actually do its job.

Our realtor OKC team hopes this information has been enlightening for you. Good luck with your weep holes!

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