Stores Closed on Thanksgiving Day 2017

It seems as if more and more stores are opening up on Thanksgiving with major doorbusters in an attempt to gain an edge on the holiday shopping market. We are not here to judge either way and only wish for you to have a joyous holiday! Now if you love to shop and plan to get started on Turkey Day, DO NOT add these stores to your list of ones to hit on Thanksgiving because you will be trekking out in your stretchy pants for nothing. offers a list of stores that will be closed on Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving Food Tips For Our Four-Legged Friends

I can’t believe Thanksgiving will be here in less than 2 weeks! Where has this year gone? This is such a great time of year to eat lots of scrumptious comfort food and enjoy time with our family and friends. Keep in mind that your four-legged babies should not be necessarily indulging in everything you do… gives some great tips on foods your furry friends need to stay away from.


  1. Turkey Skin and Undercooked Meat

It’s ok to let your pet celebrate the holiday with some white turkey meat, but the skin is more than likely covered in delicious seasonings like garlic, onion, and sage that can be toxic to animals. Undercooked meat increases chances of salmonella so don’t go there!

  1. Stuffing and Gravy

One of my favorite indulgences, but give this to your pet and you will be spending the night in the Vet ER instead of checking out all the Black Friday ads. Take your pick – mushrooms, onions, garlic, leeks, sage, chives, scallions – all of these are toxic to animals.

  1. Cranberry Sauce

The high levels of sugar that go into making the sauce are not so healthy for our pets.

  1. Green Bean Casserole

Green beans are so good for animals, but the casserole is not. The crunchy French fried onions and creamy mushroom soup are no-no’s for four-legged friends.

  1. Turkey Bones

These babies splinter… stay away from these.

  1. Bread Dough and Cake Batter

Raw eggs carry salmonella, even in that scrumptious cookie dough batter we all love to taste (sorry to be a downer!). Bread dough will rise and expand once it gets ingested by our furry friends causing stomach issues.

  1. Mashed Potatoes

Pets do great with plain potatoes. However, all the butter, garlic, and onion that go into mashed potatoes to make them yummy for us make them toxic to our pets. And then there are tummy issues if your pet is lactose intolerant.

  1. Fruit Salads

Specifically the nuts, grapes, and raisins, which can cause kidney problems.

  1. Walnuts and Macadamia Nuts

These can cause neurological issues, seizures, vomiting, and lethargy.

  1. Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Pies

Wait… say what? Pumpkin and sweet potato are great for dogs by themselves. But the spices make these pies toxic to dogs, specifically cinnamon and nutmeg.