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Homes For Sale in the Most EXPENSIVE Zip Code in the US

Real estate is booming and if you have an extra $9,000,000 to spare, you could start your house hunting in Atherton, CA, which is located in the most expensive zip code in the United States. The average home on the market is over $9,000,000! Check out this article from Business Insider! http://www.businessinsider.com/atherton-california-most-expensive-homes-2017-12 And of course, […]

Stores Closed on Thanksgiving Day 2017

It seems as if more and more stores are opening up on Thanksgiving with major doorbusters in an attempt to gain an edge on the holiday shopping market. We are not here to judge either way and only wish for you to have a joyous holiday! Now if you love to shop and plan to […]

Thanksgiving Food Tips For Our Four-Legged Friends

I can’t believe Thanksgiving will be here in less than 2 weeks! Where has this year gone? This is such a great time of year to eat lots of scrumptious comfort food and enjoy time with our family and friends. Keep in mind that your four-legged babies should not be necessarily indulging in everything you […]

Realtor OKC Team Shares The Need For Functioning Gutters

Helpful Tips From Our Realtor OKC Team Whether you’re buying or selling a home, it can make you feel uptight when the home inspector comes around to examine every inch of it. While real estate in OKC is our job, our realtor OKC team also loves helping customers and readers with helpful tips. That’s why […]

Realtor OKC Team Explains The Reason For Weep Holes In Brick

Realtor OKC Team Provides Answers About Brick Homes With an increase in Oklahoma earthquakes happening it seems a lot more people are paying attention to the exterior of their homes. Many homeowners discover weep holes whole looking at the brick surface of their home. Sometimes, they don’t even know those holes are there unless they […]

Realtor OKC Tips On Making Small Rooms Look Bigger

Realtor OKC: Helping You Love Your Space Living in a smaller home does have advantages such as lower energy costs and less space to fill up, but just because you’ve decided to live in a smaller home doesn’t mean that it has to feel small. In fact, there are plenty of ways to make cozy […]