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Realtor OKC Tips For Complementary Paint Colors With Mahogany Wood

Realtor OKC Team Talks Of Aesthetically Pleasing Wall Colors

So you have the house and you want to decorate, but you don’t have a clue where to begin? Being a homeowner can be so rewarding, yet it takes a lot of decision making to make your home feel like your home. Today, our realtor OKC team is specifically providing tips directed towards those of you who have homes with mahogany wood trim and finishes throughout.

Mahogany is a beautiful color, but can often leave you wondering how to best complement this lovely wood. Since the natural color of mahogany changes with age from pinkish to more of a copper or reddish-brown it may be difficult to decide which wall color to choose. Our realtor OKC team set out to research what real designers had to say about matching or contrasting this type of wood. In most cases, experts say that mahogany is best matched with other accents around the room such as a color in a tile backsplash in the kitchen, the room’s crown molding, or interior doors.

So which wall colors are actually best? Our realtor OKC team learned that the answer isn’t all that straight forward. The truth is that the “right color” can actually be different based on personal preference and what kind of look you are trying to achieve. Here are some tips on how to choose paint colors for various decorative styles:

  • If You Want To Highlight The Wood: To draw the eye to the wood, choose a wall color that is contrasting such as light, creamy beige.
  • If You Want Maximum Contrast: For more contrast from the mahogany wood finishes, choose wall colors that are earthy such as a light green.
  • If You Want Relatable Colors: For a very adaptable color with varying shades from cool to warm, Gray is a great choice.

No matter what your end goal is, whether you want to provide a bold statement or a subtle one, with the right color choice the end result is bound to be stunning and your home will feel personalized for your family.

Our realtor OKC team wishes you the best of luck with your next painting project. As always, should you need our help to buy or sell real estate, we’re just a phone call away. You can reach our realtor OKC team by calling 405-850-9503.

Realtor OKC Mortgage loan

Realtor OKC Team Discusses How To Get The Best Mortgage Rates

Realtor OKC Team Provides Mortgage Loan Tips

There are many factors that go into determining what kind of terms you’ll get when getting a mortgage loan. Want better mortgage rates? Our realtor OKC team is here to share a few of the most important factors that determine your mortgage rates:

1.) Raising Your Credit Score: Your FICO credit score is one of the main criteria that determines your mortgage loan rate. The higher your FICO credit score, the lower your interest rate. In fact, your FICO is so important that to even qualify for a loan with no special circumstances your credit score must be at least 620. Although, our realtor OKC team recommends a score of 760 or above for the best interest rates. There are a few ways to improve this credit score; You can pay down or pay off loans, you can clean up errors on your report, and you can pay past-due collections.

2.) Having Enough Income & Work Stability: Having a stable source of income is an important factor in buying a home. Being able to provide proof for at least 2 years of steady employment is good for getting a good rate. Obviously, long terms of unemployment will have an adverse effect on your mortgage rate. If you’re self-employed things get pretty strict. You’ll likely have to provide your business income with tax returns for the past two years. Additionally, you’ll also have to fill out an IRS form to confirm your earning report is correct.

3.) Increasing The Down Payment: Whenever you take a loan, the interest is calculated based on how risky it is to loan you that money. Anything you can do to make things less risky is a benefit. Putting down a larger down payment reduces how much you owe and makes your loan less risky as a result. A loan with a 5% down payment will probably have a higher interest rate than a loan with a 20% down payment (all other factors being equal).

These are just some of the ways you can get a better deal on your mortgage loans. If you need to know anything else about the home buying or selling process, our realtor OKC team would love to help! If you’re looking for an agent, don’t hesitate to give Thurman Real Estate Team a call at 405-850-9503.

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Realtor OKC Team Discusses 2 Ways To Obtain A Mortgage Loan

Realtor OKC Tells Of Bank Loans Vs. Mortgage Company Loans

Our realtor OKC team members have to know a lot about how to obtain financing for a home loan, because it’s part of the job description and we often have to help many home buyers through the process. To the average homebuyer, there might be different routes you’re going to want to take in order to obtain your mortgage loan. Today, to help you determine which path might be best for you, we’re going to explain a little about 2 ways you could go about obtaining a mortgage loan.

1.) Bank Loans: This is a very common method for both realtor OKC agents used to working with banks and for many homebuyers. For many buyers, going the bank route could be the quickest and easiest option, because the bank you have your money with should already be pre-aware of your financial cash flow. In some cases, there are lower interest rates by working with a bank for your loan. Plus, if you have your banking account where you have your mortgage account it could make life a little simpler for you with options to set up automatic payments from one account to the other.

2.) Mortgage Company Loans: Our realtor OKC team members know that sometimes mortgage brokers will actually offer lower rates than the bank, but you have to check. Homeowners like to go to mortgage companies when they don’t want to go through a bank, or simply can’t get financing through the bank. Mortgage companies often have more options on the table for the “little guys”. It’s natural for the big bank mentality to scare some people so they turn to mortgage companies which are seemingly less bureaucratic.

Either way, the bottom line is that as a realtor OKC team, our agents believe that most investors with multiple home buying opportunities may be better off going the bank loan route, while single homeowners may be better off going the mortgage company route to obtain their loan. No matter which route you choose to go, don’t settle with just one opinion if you aren’t fully satisfied that they’re being as helpful as they could be.

If you have any questions about buying a home, Thurman Real Estate Team is here to help! Don’t hesitate to give our realtor OKC team a call at 405-850-9503.

Homeowners Insurance- Realtor OKC

Realtor OKC Team Talks About The Need For Homeowners Insurance

Realtor OKC Answers What Homeowners Insurance Does

Most people are probably already aware that when they buy a house that they have to purchase homeowners insurance as part of the requirement, but you might be surprised how many people don’t really know what their homeowners insurance policy does for them. Our realtor OKC team members requires us to have knowledge of things like the legal need for homeowners insurance, but we also know it’s important for your property to be covered whether you realize it or not. Today, we’re going tell you a little more about what we know, in case you’ve ever been the one who questioned why you had to have homeowners insurance.

To start with, our realtor OKC team will tell you the reason homeowners insurance is required.

Homeowners insurance is set as a requirement by the lender and/or the state you live in to protect the lender’s investment from loss or damage whether it be that it was caused by fire, theft, vandalism or weather. That’s just what homeowners insurance covers on a basic level.

Now, our realtor OKC team will let you in on a little “secret” about additional insurance options.

Some people figure out that they don’t have quite enough insurance to cover all of their personal belongings. For insurance needs beyond the general policy, there are usually add-on options. With personal liability protection you have a way to protect against any lawsuits that may be filed against you in the event that someone gets injured at your house.

Our realtor OKC members know that, of course, just as with any insurance policy, there might be different needs you have that vary from your neighbor’s. You’ll certainly want to check around and ask your insurance agent for different options. Since your home is a pretty important aspect of your life we figure that kind of investment is worth saving.

If you need to know anything else about the home buying or selling process, our realtor OKC team would love to help! If you’re looking for an agent, don’t hesitate to give Thurman Real Estate Team a call at 405-850-9503.

Home Inspections- Realtor OKC

Realtor OKC Team Explains Circumstances Of Home Inspections

Realtor OKC Team Shares Why Home Inspections Matter

A home inspection is an all-inclusive examination of the condition of a home and it’s a pretty important part of the home buying process. The home inspection is often performed at the time of the sale of a property. Our realtor OKC team has to make sure they are completed if we’re in control of a sale, of course, but did you know there are different circumstances when it comes to inspections?

Today, our realtor OKC team will share a little more about the different scenarios, because Thurman Real Estate Team likes for customers to feel knowledgeable about how things work.

Let’s talk about strictly investment properties. If the acquired property needs a complete overhaul, the investor may be inclined to think that a home inspection is a waste of time and money. They may decide to try to skimp out since the investor and/or contractors will be able to inspect much of the property during the remodel.

While this would save the investor some money upfront, our realtor OKC team encourages real estate investors to think about the risk of not uncovering all defects prior to purchasing the property.

Now, think about a home inspection in terms of a newer home. Even for homes that appear to be in great condition, a home inspection can pinpoint the areas of the house you or the seller will need to focus on repairing right away and what it’s likely to cost.

It would seem that during an inspection there will always be small defects that can easily be fixed with a little elbow grease; however, there are also some potential “deal killer” defects, especially if they involve the roof, HVAC, siding, foundation, or water and/or fire damage issues. These defects are potentially the most expensive and you certainly wouldn’t want to overlook any of them.

While they make people groan and feel uncomfortable at times, our realtor OKC team would hope you understand why home inspections really do matter.

If you’re searching for a realtor OKC team to help you either buy or sell a property, feel free to contact Thurman Real Estate Team at 405-850-9503.

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3 Questions To Ask When Looking To Sell With A Realtor OKC Team

Thurman Real Estate: Realtor OKC Team Helping You Out

Let’s face it; Selling your house your house is a big step and you might find yourself in need of some help from someone on a realtor OKC team like ours. Of course, you have many realtors in the OKC area to choose from. With that being said, we are going to help by giving you 3 questions which you should consider asking when looking to sell with the help of a realtor OKC team member or individual real estate agent.

1.) What geographical area do you serve? 

The thing about real estate is that the number one factor of specialization for realtors usually comes down to geographical location. For example, our realtor OKC and Metro team serves Oklahoma City and many surrounding areas. Sometimes agents will be flexible, but it’s always best to make certain before you waste time looking in the wrong area.

2.) What experience does the agent have?

This question may seem too obvious, but it is an important one to ask. Your realtor basically needs to eat, sleep, and breathe real estate. Finding a realtor OKC team with plenty of qualified agents is vital so that you have people not only willing to work with investors, but also willing to advise you based on personal experience. You don’t want someone who just knows what they “know” based solely on what they heard through the grapevine.

In case you were wondering, our realtor OKC and Metro area team does have plenty of knowledgeable agents. Feel free to browse through our team members here. Most of them have updated their biographies online, but some are in the process of being added. Contact information is available for everyone so if you have personal questions, fire away!

3.) Do you have any references or testimonials I can read?

Buyers in today’s age are more well-informed than ever and they research most everything before making a purchase. Investing in a new home is no different. Just because your realtor OKC team has listed credentials it’s still nice to read some testimonials or hear from previous happy customers to back up those awards, right?

People who have worked with our realtor OKC and Metro area team members have been kind enough to leave us testimonials and you can view a few of them right on our home page!

Only after you find out as much as you can about who you are working with should you start talking numbers and prices. Since we know that selling your house might be one of the most important decisions you make in life, Thurman Real Estate Team won’t hide anything from you!

If you’re in need of professional real estate help to sell a home, feel free to contact us @405-850-9503.

House- Edmond- Realtor OKC

Realtor OKC Team Highlights Stunning Home For Sale

Realtor OKC: Selling A Luxurious Edmond Home

Summer has officially arrived and it’s a hot time of the year for real estate! It’s the perfect time to look at buying a brand new home. If you’ve recently started looking for a home for sale in OKC or the surrounding Metro area, there are many options available. Today; however, our realtor OKC team is highlighting one very special home for sale in the city of Edmond, Oklahoma.

This luxurious house has 2,427 square feet ready to be given your personal touches that will make this gorgeous space feel like your home! Both the interior and exterior of this stunning home, at Covell Village, have been maintained very well. Our realtor OKC team has seen a lot of wonderful details that are sure to make this home appealing to potential buyers.

Here are some of the details this home for sale in Edmond has to offer:

  • Beautiful garden out front
  • Large driveway
  • Large living room with wood floors and fireplace
  • Kitchen with pantry, granite counter-tops, breakfast bar, and stainless steel appliances
  • Master bedroom with spacious bathroom (double vanities, whirlpool tub, large walk-in shower
  • 1 other full bathroom and a 1/2 bath
  • Walk-In closet in the master bedroom
  • 2 additional adorable bedrooms
  • A study with built-in shelves and desk
  • Large backyard with covered patio (perfect for enjoying a relaxing summer morning or evening)

This area is highly sought after, because it is close to everything wonderful that Edmond has to offer! Living here would get you close to the following:

  • A short walking distance to Mitch Park and the YMCA
  • Less than 5 minute drive to Lowe’s, Walgreens, and Uptown Grocery
  • Less than 10 minutes to Walmart and surrounding restaurants near W. Danforth and N. Santa Fe
  • Less than 15 minutes to highway access to get anywhere quickly!

If you’d like to schedule a showing for this home for sale in  Edmond (1124 Brayhill Rd.), please contact Thurman Real Estate Team by calling 405-850-9503. As always, our realtor OKC team looks forward to helping you find a place to call home!

Realtor OKC Current Market

A Realtor OKC Team That Knows Current Market Conditions

Realtor OKC And Keeping Up With Home Listings

When it comes to real estate, a lot of companies or single agents will specialize in one specific area. What makes us different is that we are a team with many different agents with experience in a lot of areas. Our realtor OKC team looks to make your real estate investment a great experience from start to finish. To do so, we feel it’s important to keep up with the current market and you’ll be happy to know that we do!

First off, we want you to know that if you’re looking to invest in real estate that our realtor OKC team members will take the time to get to know you a little so that we’re not just shoving a bunch of random property listings in your face, unless that is how you like to operate! Our realtor OKC team members are great at working with investors to find the best property matches that fit their dynamics!

We always like to bring you, the investor, up to speed on the current market conditions, because we don’t want you going into anything without having some vital information about what other homes in your desired area are selling for. To do this, our realtor OKC team members use the latest technology and our knowledge of different areas to gage if the home you’re interested in is selling for a fair price.

More specifically, we can take a look at pricing trends over the past six months on sales and rental prices in the area. Additionally, the nifty report will also show the number of days a potential property has been up for sale, because it is critical for an investor to know how hot or cold the market is so they don’t miss out on a great deal.

If you’re in the market to buy a home and you don’t already have a realtor OKC team helping you, give Thurman Real Estate Team a call at 405-850-9503. We would love to make your real estate dreams comes true!

Lawn- Realtor OKC

Realtor OKC Team Gives 1 Major Lawn Care Tip For Home Sellers

Realtor OKC: Why Mowing Your Lawn Properly Matters

Are you trying to sell your home this spring or summer? Think for a second about the first impression people get when they pull up in front of your home. Our Realtor OKC team has mentioned in a previous post about how your yard can sell your house, but let’s get a little more specific.

Fancy landscaping is a great idea, but did you know you could be mowing your lawn incorrectly? It’s true and doing so could ruin the whole curb appeal. Here is 1 major tip from our realtor OKC team to help you mow your lawn properly, in turn, keeping it fresher and helping buyers to be more attracted to your home upon first glance.

Realtor OKC Team Tip- Don’t Mow The Grass Too Short: Grass that is too short is one of the most common causes of weed invasion due to the grass becoming weak, so be careful! Short grass is also capable of getting diseases and drought damage. Not only that, but some ants and other insects actually like to live in grass that has been chopped really short. According to landscaping experts, lawns should be cut to a height of 3-4 inches, so set your lawn mower wheels at their highest or second highest setting.

If you don’t have time to keep up with proper lawn maintenance on your own, our realtor OKC team members would encourage you to consider hiring a professional. This is especially vital to consider if you’re looking to sell your home and it is a great investment to help ensure that the property maintains its curb appeal.

If you are in the market to sell your home and you would like more selling tips or need help finding someone from our realtor OKC team, please feel free to get in touch! Oklahoma’s Premiere Real Estate Firm, Thurman Real Estate Team would be happy to help. Call us at 405-850-9503 to get started!

Realtor OKC team

Why New Agents Should Join A Realtor OKC Team: Part 2

Realtor OKC: Joining Thurman Real Estate Team

In part one of this series, our realtor OKC team talked about many new real estate agents fail when they are starting out alone. We also talked about two reasons that new agents should join a team. Thurman Real Estate Team would certainly agree that being on a team has huge advantages; you can skip over all the heartache of learning on your own and you get a structure to follow. Today, we’ll be going over two more reasons why new agents should join a realtor OKC team.

1.) Leads: When you’re first starting out as an agent, getting leads can often be a difficult task. In fact sources state that the average agent makes less than $20,000 in their first year, because it takes time to become established. Joining a realtor OKC team will help to provide you with leads right away so that you’re not left wondering if you’ll get to work or not. Real estate teams should already have a large volume of properties listed whereas an individual agent may take a while to acquire listings.

2.) Accountability: Leads need to be followed up with in a timely manner and you can bet that, especially if you’re being given leads, that a team would help track your leads. As the name of the game is buying and selling, of course it makes sense that a team would want you to be successful, because if you don’t make money it wouldn’t be good for the team either.

Our realtor OKC group at Thurman Real Estate Team has a goal to leverage our knowledge and experience to help new agents get the best out of their careers as a real estate agent. If you’d like to know more about us feel free to poke around our website. If you would like to join our team, please feel free to get in touch at 405-850-9503!