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Realtor OKC Team Explains Circumstances Of Home Inspections

Realtor OKC Team Shares Why Home Inspections Matter

A home inspection is an all-inclusive examination of the condition of a home and it’s a pretty important part of the home buying process. The home inspection is often performed at the time of the sale of a property. Our realtor OKC team has to make sure they are completed if we’re in control of a sale, of course, but did you know there are different circumstances when it comes to inspections?

Today, our realtor OKC team will share a little more about the different scenarios, because Thurman Real Estate Team likes for customers to feel knowledgeable about how things work.

Let’s talk about strictly investment properties. If the acquired property needs a complete overhaul, the investor may be inclined to think that a home inspection is a waste of time and money. They may decide to try to skimp out since the investor and/or contractors will be able to inspect much of the property during the remodel.

While this would save the investor some money upfront, our realtor OKC team encourages real estate investors to think about the risk of not uncovering all defects prior to purchasing the property.

Now, think about a home inspection in terms of a newer home. Even for homes that appear to be in great condition, a home inspection can pinpoint the areas of the house you or the seller will need to focus on repairing right away and what it’s likely to cost.

It would seem that during an inspection there will always be small defects that can easily be fixed with a little elbow grease; however, there are also some potential “deal killer” defects, especially if they involve the roof, HVAC, siding, foundation, or water and/or fire damage issues. These defects are potentially the most expensive and you certainly wouldn’t want to overlook any of them.

While they make people groan and feel uncomfortable at times, our realtor OKC team would hope you understand why home inspections really do matter.

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